places to visit in Kaduna state

Kaduna is one of the most popular cities in Northern Nigeria and attracts a decent amount of tourists. On the first visit to Kaduna, the city’s nickname, ‘The Crocodile city’, is not far-fetched. The city, decorated with crocodile symbols and created in 1967, makes it one of the oldest states with a population of over 6 million people.  This a list of fun, hang out spots in Kaduna.

1. Kamuku National Park

This park contains extensive land covered with guinea savanna vegetation. It is one of the few plots of guinea savanna left in all of Africa. It is a great place to go and relax and spend some time identifying the rare species of trees that can be found here. You can also run into some wide life here.

2. Matsiriga Waterfalls

At a height of 30 metres, the Matsiriga waterfall is a sight to behold. The chilly ambience is inviting to visiting tourists and natives alike. Therefore It is a great recreational centre to come enjoy nature’s wonder and splash around.

3. Kagoro Hill

Kagoro hill is located in the town of Kagoro in Southern Kaduna. It raises a significant height above sea level and makes the area around it to be temperate like the weather in Jos, Plateau State. It is a suitable hangout spot to relax and hold a picnic because of the quietness and privacy of the hills. This actually a nice place.

4. Kaduna national museum and monument

See marvelous artifacts that can only be found at Kaduna national museum and monument.

The splendid edifice that is the Kaduna National Museum is crawling with marvellous artefacts from the entire country. It is must visit for lovers of archaeological and ethnographic artefacts. Some of the Nok figurines found here date back over 2000 years and are as old as Christmas itself. If that doesn’t have you in awe, then I don’t know again.

5. Fifth Chukker Polo Resort

Enjoy the exotic sport of Polo at Fifth Chukker Polo resort

Fifth Chukker polo resort, Kaduna

The Fifth chukker polo resort comprises of  130 hectares of land covered in vegetative splendour.  It blends seamlessly with its natural surrounding and creates a gentle feeling of peace as you walk around the facility. The resort offers world-class sporting entertainment and is one of the best places in the country to enjoy the exotic sport of polo.

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6.Kofar Gamji Park

Kofar Gamji Park offers a view of nature at its peak

Alligators at Kofor Gamji Amusement park, Kaduna

The Gamji park has graduated from a simple garden to a full-blown tourist attraction and recreational centre. Kofar Gamji covers an area of 7000 metres and is decorated with architectural designs and sculptures as well as the magnificent Hall. There is sparse vegetation of mangrove and orchard trees. The dotted islands formed by River Kaduna that runs through the park as well as assorted flowers emphasize its beauty.

We think these are the most exciting hangouts in Kaduna. Disagree with our list? Tell us in the comments. Book a Hotel in Kaduna on for all the best deals.

7. Little Italy

Enjoy the best of Nigerian meals at Little Italy

Pizza at Little Italy

Little Italy is located at 2, Sultan Road, Kaduna North, Kaduna.

It serves superb Pizza, excellent Lasagna and tasty local Nigerian dishes. You get to order a delicious starter followed by the best Italian food in Northern Nigeria, superb fish dishes are also available.

It has an extensive beautiful landscaped gardens with fishponds, wild geese, animals with thatched rondavels, tables and chairs in the shade of exotic trees and plants. It is a great place to relax and chill out, and the kids can be taken there for a day out as well.

8. Barcode Lounge

Get the best club and lounge experience when you visit the Barcode lounge

night life

Barcode Lounge is located at Plot B4 Uganda Street, Barnawa, Kaduna. It is Nigeria’s premier destination for lunch, happy hour, dinner and late-night relaxation.

Barcode provides comfort built on a high-end backdrop of marble, open-air and illumination. A no cover/no dress code policy promotes a relaxing vibe in a modern setting. The music format is generally top 40/pop-house/popular hip-hop/Naija latest Jamz/old skool.

Barcode Lounge offers the best of Nigeria sports bars and Nigeria lounges rolled into a sophisticated place suitable for a night out with the well respected big girls/guys or a date with that special someone. Amenities include Full Menu, Full Bar, Happy Hour, Valet, Bottle Service, Kitchen until midnight.

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