A kind Little boy gifts a Nigerian man #200 naira to buy fuel and get rewarded

We all know how the country situation but this kind hearted boy gave out his 200 naira this this handsome young man to buy fuel this acted is heartwarming
A young boy has bagged a scholarship that did wrap school payments for the rest of the year and in 2022 after his sudden tenderness towards a man. The man, Theodore Chinonso Uba NonsoNkwa, an Owerri-based radio personality, shared on Facebook that the boy, Emmanuel, had walked up to him on a distinct day and gifted him N200 to get fuel for himself.

Don’t you think this kind act of this little boy can be exhibit even with the elderly people

Because this is a very kind and heart touching gadget

moral lesson learn to give others no matter how little it is you don’t know how might be your helper

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