An introvert is a shy and reticent person

Quiet , reserved, shy , silent , passive , Reliable, Calm, Rigid

An introvert is someone with qualities of a personality type known a introversion , which means that they feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and idea rather than what is happening externally , they enjoy spending time with one or two people


  • Social introvert
  • Thinking introvert
  • Restrained introvert
  • Anxious introvert

. Social introvert

Social introverts importance solitude additional than most people. They like being alone but aren’t rejected to the occasional congregation of close friends and family. “Social introverts are less interested in large gatherings or parties it’s easy to confuse a social introvert with someone who’s dealing with social anxiety, but it’s not the same thing: “A social introvert doesn’t avoid crowds because of anxiety but rather [because of] their preference. Where they feel the most comfortable and happy is either in complete solitude or in small groups in more subdued places.

. Thinking introvert

“The thinking introvert is very cognitive by nature. Often intellectual, this type of introvert is often at peace when studying, reading, learning, researching, and investigating,” clinical psychologist explained. The thinking introvert will often pause to cogitate before offering a response to a question. “Let me think about that” can be a very common response for the thinking type introvert. Manly says introverts of this type are prone to getting lost in their thoughts and may actually mentally “disappear” from conversations due to a retreat into the mental world. clinical psychologist and author of Introvert Power, also notes that thinking introverts are sometimes mistaken for extroverts because they’re such good listeners: “People may mistake the receptive attitude of these introverts as an invitation to talk more, when their silence may, in fact, be a pause to think,” she says.

. Anxious introvert

The anxious introvert is often quiet and may appear on edge or nervous, says Manly. This type of introvert shrinks away from people and settings that may further stimulate anxiety. The “anxious” introvert can be highly avoidant and even seem rude, yet the “turning inward” behavior is simply a protective, sheltering defense mechanism at work.You’ll likely find anxious introverts at home because of nervousness or fear, usually catastrophe zing

events before they happen, which ultimately prevents them from stepping out of their comfort zones.

. Restrained introvert

The restrained introvert, also called the inhibited introvert, tends to be more reserved and can have their guards up around others until they get to know them. But rather than seeming shy or avoidant, they simply come off as thoughtful and grounded. 

“The restrained introvert tends to be reflective and even plodding in nature. Often unemotional, this type of introvert is often very controlled and may have very grounded energy,” Manly says. “This type of introvert is often steadfast and very rock likewise in nature. The restrained type introvert is often the quiet, dutiful person that others tend to rely on.

NOTE : an introvert can also have a the, also most of the introverts are the last babies of the house since they didn’t spend much spend much time on the the are always at home and always alone.

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