Kaduna state university students beat NDA cadets over girlfriends

On Tuesday 12 of October 2021, it was reported and was witnessed how Kaduna state students beat NDA cadets

It is said that the NDA cadets are taking their girls away and Kaduna state university female students are known to date NDA cadets instead of their fellow students and also the ones who are in a relationship seems to live their partner and go for NDA cadets these has been going on for some time so they couldn’t take it anymore.

According to some eyewitnesses, the incident happened at the convocation ground where the cadets saw a female student of Kaduna state university mingling with the partner one went ahead to receive her number but she refused so they insisted for her to give the number out so the boyfriend tried to intervene but one of the cadets slapped him. The boyfriend, a Kaduna state university student drew attention to his fellow student who plummeted the cadets with stones and sticks.

Video of the incident

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