Pornography refers to booksmagazines, and films that are designed to cause sexual excitement by showing or describing sexual act


printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.


Pornography has no positive effect rather pornography is full of negative effect

Consequences of watching porn

  • It becomes an addiction we all know when you are addicted to something it is either for good or bad but in the aspect of pornography it brings bad effect, you gets to miss different things
  • Lacking behind: you always lack behind both at offices, school and so many on
  • Effects on the Mind, Body, and Soul

effects on the mind it has elevated compassion for abnormal sexual behaviours, sexual assault, promiscuity, and even rape. In expansion, men begin to view women and just children as “sex objects,” 

Effects on body pornography boost the risk of chartering a sexually transmitted infection or of being an unwitting parent in an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

Effects on the heart or soul report feelings of betrayal, mistrust, and anger. Pornographic use may lead to infidelity and even divorce. Adolescents who view pornography feel shame, diminished self-confidence, and sexual uncertainty.

  • The user faces difficulty becoming sexually aroused without pornography.
  • The user loses interest and engages in fewer sexual experiences with a partner.
  • Partners may view pornography use as infidelity and a betrayal of the relationship.
  • The partner feels sexually inadequate and threatened by pornography use.
  • Partners may feel that certain sexual activities desired by the user are objectionable.
  • Both user and partner experience a decrease in relationship sexual satisfaction and emotional closeness.
  • Relationship trust decreases due to dishonesty and deception about pornography use.
  • One or both partners may be concerned about children’s exposure to pornographic materials. 

Pornography have no good effects of in ones life

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