Numbers 6:1–21

Who is a Nazarite

A Nazarite is someone who is chosen by God either before his birth or after birth, mainly the message is usually brought by an angel

But nowadays people still think Nazarites doesn’t exist, Nazarites are still existing they might not be chosen in the way it was done during the time of Samson and other Nazarites are also chosen by God through prophets and men and women of God

Existing as a Nazarite had zero to do with a direction, class or ethnicity, but was the title given to those who conserved a specific code of conduct as a way to demonstrate dedication to God. A Nazarite had to fulfil at least three main requirements: abstain from drinking alcohol or any product of the grapevine, and from eating grapes in all their forms; abstain from cutting the hair on the head, and avoid touching dead bodies.

A person became a Nazarite in at least three ways: by making a voluntary Nazarite vow to God, to be maintained for a specific period of time; by one of his parents offering him to God, to be a Nazarite from birth onward; and by God appointing a person as a lifetime Nazarite. The Bible character Samson, for example, was a Nazarite from birth because an angel appeared to his parents before he was conceived and told them that he would be a Nazarite. The boy Samuel was promised to God as a Nazarite by his mother before he was conceived. Although John the Baptist was never directly called a Nazarite, it’s likely that he was one because God directed him, via his parents, to abstain from wine and other liquor.

The stereotypical portrayal of Jesus is the thin, long-haired, white-robed man, seen commonly in Christian artwork. But some, such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, believe that since Jesus was not under a Nazarite vow, he was not required to grow out his hair. Therefore, according to some, it’s likely that Jesus’ hair was neatly trimmed in a style similar to other Jewish men of the day.

Nazarites in the Bible

You may have heard of Samson, one of the strongest men alive, and a judge of Israel (Judges 16). You may have also heard that Samson ran into trouble when he ate some honey from a lion’s carcass or got his hair trimmed

When Samuel’s, another judge of Israel, mother Hannah dedicates him, God instructs her that no blade is to come to his head (1 Samuel 1:11). This means he cannot cut his hair, one of the hallmarks of a Nazarite (more on this in a moment).

What Nazarites are not to do

  • First, Nazarites refrained from drinking alcohol.
  • Secondly, they had to avoid getting near or touching anything that has perished including family gravesites.
  • Lastly, for the interval of the vow, a Nazarite could not cut their hair.

In recent days of ours when Nazarites barbs they do fall sick and also experience difficult challenges such as

  • Attacks
  • Weakness in their prayer life
  • Weakness in the spiritual life etc

Never blame them for any mistake because they might be going through a lot and if you come across them place don’t false them to barb not only will they suffer

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