Shun shortcut to success, Cleric admonishes youths

Mr Samuel Idowu of Christ Disciples Church, Ilorin, has adm9n8shed youths in the country to shun all forms of shortcut to success.

Idowu, who gave the advice in Ilorin on Friday in an interview said most youths were becoming too desperate to get rich quick not minding the consequences.

“Youths want to get rich at all cost without waiting patiently for God’s time. They learn Yahoo Yahoo just to defraud others.

“They visit all sorts of herbalists, Pastors and Imams seeking for miracles to make quick money.

“This desperacy is becoming worrisome. It is dangerous and is landing them in trouble.

“Youths must work hard and stop this desperate act of get- rich-quick syndrome. Money will come at the right time when you wait patiently and work,” he said.

The cleric also advised youths not to see money making as ‘Do or Die affair’, rather seek God’s grace and favour in their daily activities.

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