What I’m wearing is a civil dress and not a Biafran regalia or linked to ESN – Actor Chinwetalu Agu speaks at Army division he was taken to after being arrested by soldiers (video)

Actor Chinwetalu Agu has countered claim of campaigning for proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra and Eastern Security Network before being arrested by soldiers at Upper Iweka in Anambra state.
The veteran actor who spoke at the army division he was taken to after the arrest, insisted that what he wore is a civil dress and not a Biafran regalia.

He also stated that he was sharing bread to people and was not campaigning for IPOB or ESN when he was arrested.

Watch the video below……………….

I think is time for Nigerians to be allowed to wear what they want we know that’s Biafran colour but it doesn’t mean that colour has come to existence before Biafra so I don’t see anything wrong with him to wear that to the existent of humilating him

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